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Mount Wrangell description and information



Official Name: Mount Wrangell
Type:Shield volcano with summit caldera
Most Recent Activity:March 2012
Seismically Monitored: No
Elevation: 14163 ft (4317 m)
Latitude: 62.00572° N
Longitude:144.01935° W
Quadrangle:Gulkana Valdez McCarthy Nabesna
CAVW Number:315020
Pronunciation: Sound file
Associated Features:Chetaslina Vent
Zanetti, Mt
North Crater
East Crater
West Crater
Wrangell Caldera
Nearby towns:Kenny Lake 35 mi (56 km) SW
Chitina 37 mi (59 km) SW
Willow Creek 41 mi (66 km) SW
Copper Center 42 mi (67 km) SW
Anchorage 201 mi (323 km) SW
From Miller and others (1998) [1]: "Mount Wrangell is a large andesitic shield volcano with a volume of about 900 cubic kilometers (Nye, 1983). Its top is capped by a 4 by 6 km, ice-filled summit caldera whose depth may exceed 1 km [2]. The caldera is apparently of non-explosive origin [3] formed in response to the withdrawal of magma from high-level reservoirs beneath the summit area. Three small (<1 km in diameter) post-caldera craters, all geothermally active, occur along the west and north margin of the caldera. Mt. Zanetti (3965 m) a large (450 m high) steep-sided, relatively undissected cinder-spatter cone occurs high on the northwest flank of the shield and may be the source of some lava flows. Lavas on the southwest flank have flowed as much as 58 km from their source despite being phenocryst-rich andesite, a mobility attributed to a very high eruption rate [4]."




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