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Mount Mageik description and information


Official Name: Mount Mageik
Type:Composite volcano
Most Recent Activity:-450
Seismically Monitored: Yes
Color Code:GREEN
Alert Level:NORMAL
Elevation: 7103 ft (2165 m)
Latitude: 58.1946° N
Longitude:155.2544° W
Quadrangle:Mt Katmai
CAVW Number:312150
Pronunciation: Sound file
Nearby towns:Karluk 52 mi (84 km) SE
Kanatak 52 mi (84 km) SW
King Salmon 61 mi (99 km) NW
Larsen Bay 65 mi (105 km) SE
Anchorage 280 mi (451 km) NE
From Miller and others (1998) [1]: "Mount Mageik is a broad cone-shaped volcano that rests on a basement of Jurassic sedimentary rocks at the northeast end of a 12-km-long basement ridge shared by neighboring Mount Martin. The summit area, which is largely ice-covered, consists of a central high peak (elevation 2165 m) and three smaller topographic highs, each a separate vent-cone. A small (<1 km in diameter) phreatic crater on the northeast side of the central peak contains a crater lake and supports vigorous fumarolic activity accompanied by sulfur deposition. The slopes of the volcano are moderately dissected by glacial ice, except the young lava flows of the east side. Two small debris avalanches, including the Mageik landslide - one of which occurred during the 1912 Katmai eruption [2] originated from areas high and low on the south flank. The 1912 avalanches, containing boulders as big as 3 to 5 m, traveled 6 km down the broad valley of Martin Creek, south and east of Mount Mageik."
Catalog of the historically active volcanoes of Alaska, 1998
citation imageMiller, T. P., McGimsey, R. G., Richter, D. H., Riehle, J. R., Nye, C. J., Yount, M. E., and Dumoulin, J. A., 1998, Catalog of the historically active volcanoes of Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 98-0582, 104 p.
Download PDF title page PDF : 52
Download PDF intro and TOC PDF : 268 KB
Download PDF eastern part - Wrangell to Ukinrek Maars PDF : 972 KB
Download PDF central part - Chiginagak to Cleveland PDF : 2,463 KB
Download PDF western part - Carlisle to Kiska PDF : 956 KB
Download PDF references PDF : 43 KB

The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, 1922
citation imageGriggs, R. F., 1922, The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes: Washington, DC, National Geographic Society, 340 p., 3 sheets, scale unknown.

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