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Westdahl Peak description and information


Official Name: Westdahl Peak
Type:Shield volcano
Most Recent Activity:November 29, 1991
Seismically Monitored: Yes
Color Code:GREEN
Alert Level:NORMAL
Elevation: 5118 ft (1560 m)
Latitude: 54.5171° N
Longitude:164.6476° W
CAVW Number:311340
Pronunciation: Sound file
Associated Features:Pogromni
Faris Peak
Pogromni's Sister
Nearby towns:Akutan 52 mi (84 km) SW
False Pass 55 mi (88 km) NE
Pauloff Harbor 78 mi (126 km) SE
Unalaska 88 mi (142 km) SW
Anchorage 710 mi (1143 km) NE
From Miller and others (1998) [1]: "Westdahl Peak, including nearby Faris Peak and Pogromni volcano, is located on a gently sloping plateau (mean elevation 1220 m) that may represent the surface of a truncated ancestral cone. Westdahl Peak is about 18 km in diameter at the base.

"The size of the postulated ancestral cone is about 19 x 30 km at sea level, making it one of the largest volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands be it a stratovolcano or a shield. The entire ancestral cone has been extensively dissected by erosion, with the northeast-facing slopes steeper and of greater relief than the other slopes.

"Based on the degree of erosional dissection, most of the postulated stratovolcano must have formed before early post-glacial time. Pogromni Volcano is moderately dissected and has broad valleys that have probably been glacially eroded. Such glacial erosion could have occurred during neoglaciation beginning about 3000 years ago (Black, 1974 [2], table 1), although one or two thousand years seem inadequate to account for the degree of dissection. Pogromni volcano was probably active by latest Pleistocene time, which implies that truncation of the ancestral stratovolcano must have occurred earlier."

Catalog of the historically active volcanoes of Alaska, 1998
citation imageMiller, T. P., McGimsey, R. G., Richter, D. H., Riehle, J. R., Nye, C. J., Yount, M. E., and Dumoulin, J. A., 1998, Catalog of the historically active volcanoes of Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 98-0582, 104 p.
Download PDF title page PDF : 52
Download PDF intro and TOC PDF : 268 KB
Download PDF eastern part - Wrangell to Ukinrek Maars PDF : 972 KB
Download PDF central part - Chiginagak to Cleveland PDF : 2,463 KB
Download PDF western part - Carlisle to Kiska PDF : 956 KB
Download PDF references PDF : 43 KB

Late-Quaternary sea level changes, Umnak Island, Aleutians: their effects on ancient Aleuts and their causes, 1974
citation imageBlack, R. F., 1974, Late-Quaternary sea level changes, Umnak Island, Aleutians: their effects on ancient Aleuts and their causes: Quaternary Research, v. 4, n. 3, p. 264-281.

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