• Official Name: Segula Peak
  • Seismically Monitored: No
  • Color Code: UNASSIGNED
  • Alert Level: UNASSIGNED
  • Elevation: 1153m (3782ft)
  • Latitude: 52.0138
  • Longitude: 178.134
  • Smithsonian VNum: 311030
  • Nearby Towns:
    • Shemya Station 177 mi (284 km) NW
    • Attu Station 216 mi (347 km) NW
    • Adak 223 mi (359 km) SE
    • Atka 325 mi (524 km) NE
    • Nikolski 550 mi (885 km) NE

    Distance from Anchorage: 1353 mi (2177 km)


From Wood and Kienle (1990) [1] : "Segula volcano is built upon a 100-m-deep marine platform by the accumulation of flows and pyroclastic material emanating from a single center. Although there are no dated eruptions, some flows and pyroclastic deposits are so little weathered that ages of only a few hundred years are estimated. Pyroclastic material covers much of the cone's surface and a cinder cone resides in the middle of the summit crater."

Name Origin

"Segula Peak" was published on a 1951 U.S. Geological Survey map. W.H. Nelson (1959) called it "Segula Volcano" (Orth, 1971).

References Cited

[1] Volcanoes of North America: United States and Canada, 1990

Wood, C. A., and Kienle, Juergen, (eds.), 1990, Volcanoes of North America: United States and Canada: New York, Cambridge University Press, 354 p.

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