Pavlof Sister


  • Official Name: Pavlof Sister
  • Seismically Monitored: No
  • Color Code: UNASSIGNED
  • Alert Level: UNASSIGNED
  • Elevation: 2142m (7027ft)
  • Latitude: 55.4569
  • Longitude: -161.8544
  • Smithsonian VNum: 312040
  • Pronunciation:
  • Nearby Towns:
    • Belkofski 26 mi (41 km) SW
    • King Cove 33 mi (53 km) SW
    • Cold Bay 39 mi (63 km) SW
    • Nelson Lagoon 45 mi (73 km) NE
    • Sand Point 54 mi (87 km) SE


From Smithsonian Institution, online database, accessed December 8, 2003: "Located at the end of a chain of volcanoes trending NE from Emmons Lake caldera, the symmetrical Pavlof Sister stratovolcano is somewhat more eroded than its twin volcano to the SW, Pavlof. The 2142-m-high Pavlof Sister is almost 400 m lower than Pavlof and has a sharper-peaked summit. Only one historical eruption, in the 18th century, was recorded from Pavlof Sister. The two symmetrical volcanoes form a dramatic backdrop to Pavlof Bay and Volcano Bay near the western end of the Alaska Peninsula."

Name Origin

The U.S. Geological Survey named Pavlof Sister in 1929 (Orth, 1971).

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