• Official Name: Mount Gilbert
  • Seismically Monitored: No
  • Color Code: UNASSIGNED
  • Alert Level: UNASSIGNED
  • Elevation: 818m (2683ft)
  • Latitude: 54.2522
  • Longitude: -165.6605
  • Smithsonian VNum:
  • Pronunciation:
  • Nearby Towns:
    • Akutan 9 mi (15 km) SW
    • Unalaska 44 mi (71 km) SW
    • False Pass 99 mi (160 km) NE
    • Pauloff Harbor 120 mi (193 km) NE
    • Cold Bay 134 mi (215 km) NE


From Wood and Kienle (1990) [1] : "Mount Gilbert is a small extinct volcano on northernmost Akun Island. Its northern flank is steep and heavily eroded, presumably by the sea, while its southern flank is little dissected. The summit region has been completely eroded and was presumably north of, and higher than, the present summit. A 20,000 square m zone of slightly older fumarolically altered rock exists 1.5 km northeast of the current summit. Prior to 1948, active fumaroles in this area produced steam plumes visible from a distance; fumarolic activity has since stopped. The altered ground was the site of an unsuccessful attempt to mine sulfur in the 1920's."

Name Origin

Mount Gilbert's name was published in the 1947 Coast Pilot. It is possible that this volcano was named for John J. Gilbert, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, commander of the steamer Pathfinder during 1900-01 (Orth, 1971).

References Cited

[1] Volcanoes of North America: United States and Canada, 1990

Wood, C. A., and Kienle, Juergen, (eds.), 1990, Volcanoes of North America: United States and Canada: New York, Cambridge University Press, 354 p.

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