Thank you Unalaska!

Ashfall on vehicle in Unalaska
The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) would like to thank the community of Unalaska for their keen observations, photos, and samples of volcanic ash from the Bogoslof eruption. Your observations and collections are very important to us and we will use them to improve our understanding of Bogoslof volcano and this current eruption.

The potential for ashfall on local communities depends upon wind direction, eruption intensity and the mass of ash that is produced during each explosive episode. AVO provides model outputs that predict ashfall and disbursing ash cloud information based on either hypothetical or actual eruption information on our website. Official forecasts of ashfall can be found at the National Weather Service Forecast Office website.

Citizen Science Opportunities:
For those wishing to participate in the eruption response, we encourage you to share observations of ashfall events when they occur and to share images and comments about the severity, duration and impacts on their community.
  • Send an email to AVO If you have photos of ashfall and other volcanic observation, please write us using our contact us webform.
  • Is Ash Falling? Are you experiencing ashfall? Reports of ashfall are important; if you are interested in participating, here is your opportunity to do some science; AVO website hosts web forms for the public to enter ashfall data, either in near real time or retrospectively following an eruptive event. During an eruption, AVO’s public website displays a map version of submitted ash reports.
  • Collecting Ash Samples Instructions/procedures for collecting and returning ash samples are provided here and are used to help AVO understand the eruption and dispersal pattern of the ash among other ashfall features. Detailed methods and a datasheet are provided to document your sampling and submission of ash collected.