Special activities on AVO's website for 1912 centennial

100 years ago, Alaska was the site of the world's largest explosive volcanic eruption of the 20th century. During 60 hours, over 3 cubic miles (about 13.5 cubic kilometers) of magma blasted through the floor of a broad glacial valley in what is now Katmai National Park and Preserve. Clouds of ash rose high into the atmosphere and drifted downwind, dropping more than a foot of ash on Kodiak, dusting Puget Sound, and eventually circling the globe.

We have prepared a special section of the AVO website for the centennial anniversary of this eruption. Here you will find:
Upcoming talks
A slideshow of Katmai images
A timeline of Katmai events
Selected references and articles
Related videos

We will also be tweeting the events of the eruption as they happened 100 years ago. Follow this timeline at twitter.com/Katmai1912