How does Cleveland's lava dome compare to Redoubt's 2009 lava dome?

Redoubt's 2009 lava dome
As of August 7, we estimate that the lava dome at Cleveland is approximately ~60 meters (~200 feet) in diameter, and less than ~20 meters (~65 feet) high, and is about 100,000 cubic meters in volume.

Redoubt's final 2009 dome is estimated at 70 million cubic meters in volume, and about 1 km (~3200 feet) long by 1/2 a kilometer (~1600 feet) wide by 1/2 a kilometer (~1600 feet) high.

While you'd need 500 ConocoPhillips towers (the tallest building in the state of Alaska) to equal the volume of the 2009 Redoubt lava dome, you'd need a little less than one to equal the volume of the Cleveland lava dome (so far).

Cleveland's lava dome on August 8, 2011
If you spread the lava domes in a three-foot-thick layer, Redoubt's would cover 27 square miles (most of downtown Anchorage) while Cleveland's would only cover about 0.4 square miles (~250 acres).