Alaska Park Science - Volcanoes of Katmai and the Alaska Peninsula

Free download of the Alaska Park Science journal - Katmai Scientific Studies. Beautiful, full-color issue with 15 great chapters.
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Chapters include:

  • The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes: Revisiting the Alaska Sublime;

  • The Great Eruption of 1912;

  • Katmai National Park Volcanoes;

  • Volcanic National Natural Landmarks; Using Rocks to Reveal the Inner Workings of Magma Chambers Below Volcanoes in Alaska's National Parks;

  • Earthquake Studies Reveal the Magmatic Plumbing System of the Katmai Volcanoes;

  • Volcanic Earthquakes in Alaska's National Parks;

  • Pre-1912 Glacial and Volcanic History Near Windy Creek;

  • Witness: Firsthand Accounts of the Largest Volcanic Eruption in the Twentieth Century;

  • Out of the Ashes: the Katmai Disaster;

  • Ecological Recovery After the 1912 Katmai Eruption as Documented through Repeat Photography;

  • Effect of the Novarupta (1912) Eruption on Forests of Southcentral Alaska: Clues from the Tree Ring Record;

  • Possible Effects of a Volcanic Eruption on the Nearshore Marine Environment;

  • Bringing the World to a Standstill: an Investigation into the Effects of a Novarupta Scale Volcanic Eruption on Today's Aviation Industry;

  • Concluding Thoughts: Can Another Great Volcanic Eruption Happen in Alaska?