(2) Issued: (20130329/2015Z)
(3) Volcano: Little Sitkin (VNUM #311050)
(4) Current Color Code: UNASSIGNED
(5) Previous Color Code: GREEN
(6) Source: Alaska Volcano Observatory
(7) Notice Number: 2013/A7
(8) Volcano Location: N 51 deg 57 min E 178 deg 32 min
(9) Area: Aleutians
(10) Summit Elevation: 3898 ft (1188 m)
(11) Volcanic Activity Summary: AVO can no longer seismically monitor the following volcanoes because of seismic station outages. As a result, AVO is unable to (1) assess whether these volcanoes may be building towards an eruption and (2) quickly confirm or dismiss reports of activity at these volcanoes.

Ukinrek Maars
Little Sitkin

Because these volcanoes are no longer seismically monitored, they will move from volcano alert level Normal and aviation color code Green to "unassigned." As at other volcanoes without real-time seismic networks, AVO will continue to use satellite data, infrasound, and reports from pilots and ground observers to detect signs of eruptive activity.
(12) Volcanic cloud height:
(13) Other volcanic cloud information:
(14) Remarks:
(15) Contacts:
John Power Scientist-in-Charge, USGS (907) 786-7497

Jeff Freymueller, Coordinating Scientist, UAFGI (907) 378-7556
(16) Next Notice: A new VAN will be issued if conditions change significantly or alert levels are modified. While a VAN is in effect, regularly scheduled updates are posted at

Hazard Notification System (HANS) for Volcanoes at