Aleutian arc geothermal fluids: chemical analyses of waters and gases

Author(s): Evans, W. C., Bergfeld, Deborah, Neal, C. A., McGimsey, R. G., Werner, C. A., Waythomas, C. F., Lewicki, J. L., Lopez, Taryn, Mangan, M. T., Diefenbach, Angie, Schaefer, J. R. G., Coombs, M. L., Wang, Bronwen, Nicolaysen, K. E., Izbekov, Pavel, Maharrey, Zeb, Huebner, M., Hunt, A. G., Fitzpatrick, J., and Freeburg, Gary

Publication Year: 2015

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Evans, W.C., Bergfeld, D., Neal, C.A., McGimsey, R.G., Werner, C.A., Waythomas, C.F., Lewicki, J.L., Lopez, T., Mangan, M.T., Miller, T.P., Diefenbach, A., Schaefer, J., Coombs, M.L., Wang, B., Nicolaysen, K., Izbekov, P., Maharrey, Z., Huebner, M., Hunt, A.G., Fitzpatrick, J., and Freeburg, G., 2015, Aleutian Arc geothermal fluids: chemical analyses of waters and gases: U.S. Geological Survey Data release,

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