2018 Volcanic activity in Alaska—Summary of events and response of the Alaska Volcano Observatory

Author(s): Cameron, C. E., Orr, Tim, Dixon, J. P., Dietterich, Hannah, Waythomas, C. F., Iezzi, A. M., Power, J. A., Searcy, Cheryl, Grapenthin, Ronni, Tepp, Gabrielle, Wallace, K. L., Lopez, Taryn, DeGrandpre, Kimberly, and Perreault, J. M.

Publication Year: 2023

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Cameron, C.E., Orr, T.R., Dixon, J.P., Dietterich, H.R., Waythomas, C.F., Iezzi, A.M., Power, J.A., Searcy, C., Grapenthin, R., Tepp, G., Wallace, K.L., Lopez, T.M., Degrandpre, K., and Perreault, J.M., 2023, 2018 Volcanic activity in Alaska - Summary of events and response of the Alaska Volcano Observatory: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2023-5029, 68 p., https://doi.org/10.3133/sir20235029.

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