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Redoubt Volcano description and information

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Official Name: Redoubt Volcano
Most Recent Activity:March 15, 2009
Seismically Monitored: Yes
Color Code:GREEN
Alert Level:NORMAL
Elevation: 10197 ft (3108 m)
Latitude: 60.4852° N
Longitude:152.7438° W
CAVW Number:313030
Pronunciation: Sound file
Nearby towns:Ninilchik 47 mi (76 km) SE
Salamatof 48 mi (78 km) NE
Clam Gulch 49 mi (79 km) SE
Nikiski 50 mi (81 km) NE
Anchorage 108 mi (174 km) NE
From Miller et al (1998): "Redoubt Volcano is a steep-sided cone about 10 km in diameter at its base and with a volume of 30-35 cubic kilometers. The volcano is composed of intercalated pyroclastic deposits and lava flows and rests on Mesozoic granitic rocks of the Alaska-Aleutian Range batholith (Till and others, 1993; 1994). It has been moderately dissected by the action of numerous alpine glaciers. A 1.8-km-wide, ice-filled summit crater is breached on the north side by a northward-flowing glacier, informally known as the Drift Glacier, which spreads into a piedmont lobe in the upper Drift River Valley. The most recently active vent is located on the north side of the crater at the head of the Drift glacier. Holocene lahar deposits in the Crescent River and Drift River valleys extend downstream as far as Cook Inlet."
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