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Cone 3110 description and information


Type:Modest mafic stratocone
Most Recent Activity:-233050
Seismically Monitored: No
Elevation: 3110 ft (948 m)
Latitude: 58.5745° N
Longitude:154.5435° W
Quadrangle:Mt Katmai
CAVW Number:
Pronunciation: Sound file
Nearby towns:Kokhanok 60 mi (97 km) NW
Pope-Vannoy Landing 68 mi (109 km) NE
Karluk 70 mi (112 km) SE
Aleneva 71 mi (114 km) SE
Anchorage 243 mi (391 km) NE
This feature is part of the Savonoski River Cluster of volcanoes, as defined by Hildreth and others (2004) [1]. From Hildreth and others (2004) [1]: "Cone 3110 is a basaltic pile (51% SiO2) about 2 km wide with 675 m of relief that lies a few km NW of Cone 3601. Partly erupted englacially, it consists mostly of massive to sheeted glassy breccia and coarse stratified scoria that dip chaotically and enclose channel fillings of convolutedly columnar glassy lava. The upper third of the cone (235 +/- 30 ka) is coherent lava, columnar to chunky jointed. Products have abundant plagioclase, clinopyroxene, and olivine, with minor orthopyroxene."

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