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Wrangell reported activity





Event Name : Wrangell 2007/2

Start:February 7, 2007 ± 1 MonthsObserved
Stop:June 20, 2007 ± 3 MinutesObserved

Seismicity with no confirmed eruption: BibCard
Remobilized tephra - no eruption: BibCard
Eruption Type:Not an eruption.

Description: From McGimsey and others, 2011: "On January 13, 2007, at 0423 UTC (1923 AKST January 12), a M8.2 earthquake in the Kurile Islands likely triggered seismicity at several Alaska volcanoes including Wrangell, Katmai, and possibly Korovin, as the low frequency, large magnitude wavetrain rolled through these areas (Stephanie Prejean, AVO/USGS, written commun., 2007). There were no reports of anomalous steaming at Wrangell immediately following this event; however, on February 7, a fairly large local earthquake was recorded on the Wrangell network (Katrina Jacobs, AVO/UAFGI, written commun., 2007), that was followed 2 weeks later by reports of steaming from the summit. The report came from staff at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Copper Center, and was presented during a local newscast (KTUU 5 p.m. report, February 20, 2007). This was the first report of Wrangell steaming in several years.

"Local residents reported more episodes of steaming in March [see figs. 4 and 5 in original text]. On the evening of March 25, a strong sulfur odor was reported by a resident living about 50 air miles north of the summit of Wrangell, who also stated that this occurrence was rare in his 15 years living in the area. Earlier in the day, several multi-station seismic events were recorded on the Wrangell network (Katrina Jacobs, AVO/UAFGI, written commun., 2007). A few months later local residents sent AVO photographs taken on June 20 of steaming from Wrangell and a deposit of ash extending from the west crater several thousand feet down the southwest flank [see fig. 6 in original text]. This ash was likely redistributed from the summit craters by strong winds. No anomalous seismic activity was observed."

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