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Veniaminof reported activity




Event Name : Veniaminof CFE

Start: 3700 Years BP C-14 (raw)

Tephrafall: BibCard
Pyroclastic flow, surge, or nuee ardente: BibCard BibCard
Caldera/crater: BibCard BibCard
Geomorphologic change: BibCard
Caldera lake change: BibCard
Eruption Type:Explosive
Eruption Product: other BibCard
Eruption Product: other BibCard
MaxVEI: 6 BibCard

Description: From Miller and Smith (1987): "A 10-km-diameter, ice-filled summit caldera marks the top of Veniaminof volcano, a large (>400 km3) andesitic stratocone (Fig. 1 [in original text]). Postglacial ash-flow sheets extend to 50 km from the caldera rim on the Bering Sea side of the volcano; on the Pacific Ocean side, ash flows apparently entered bays and estuaries."

"14C ages of 3640+/-200 yr and 3750+/-200 yr (samples 15, 16, Table 1 [in original text]) were obtained from charcoal in separate phases of an ash-flow tuff west of Veniaminof. These ages compare well with maximum 14C ages of 3620+/-80 yr (samples 17, 18, Table 1 [in original text]) from organic material underlying ash-flow tuff on the west flank of Veniaminof and of 3660+/-90 yr on organic material underlying distal air fall from the caldera-forming eruption. A date of about 3700 B.P., therefore, seems reasonable for the climactic eruption that formed Veniaminof caldera."

From Waythomas and others (2015): "Extensive, valley-filling pyroclastic flows on all flanks of the volcano extending 40-60 km beyond the caldera."

The Global database on large magnitude explosive volcanic eruptions (LaMEVE; 2017) reports a magnitude of 6.7, bulk eruptive volume of 50 cubic km and a dense rock equivalent eruptive volume of 20 cubic km for the eruption.

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