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Trident reported activity



Event Name : Trident 1951/7

This is a questionable event.

Start:July 7, 1951 ± 7 DaysObserved

Tephrafall: BibCard
Fumarolic or hydrothermal activity: BibCard BibCard
Radial fissure: BibCard BibCard
Eruption Type:Explosive

Description: From Decker (1963): "Al Kropf, pilot with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, reports ash eruptions from a fissure on the side of Mt. Trident were taking place during his aerial patrols to the Shelikof Straits in 1951. The aerial photographs (137 + 138 V10 VP-61 7-7-51 2252 21,200 NAE) taken on July 7, 1951, clearly show a radial fissure over 3000 feet long extending down the southwest flank of Mt. Trident. Fume was present from one vent along the fracture centered in a 2000 foot diameter patch of ash darker than the 1912 Katmai ash. These aerial photographs also show that no lava flows had taken place prior to July, 1951." However, Hildreth (1983) disbelieves this account: "Published compilations notwithstanding, there are no credible reports of historic eruptions in the Katmai group except at Novarupta in 1912 and at Trident in 1953 - 1968." The ash could be remobilized tephra from previous eruptions in the Katmai area.

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