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Trident reported activity



Event Name : Trident 44000 yBP

Start: 44000 (± 12000 Years) Years BP K-Ar

Lava flow: BibCard
Eruption Type:Effusive
Eruption Product: andesite BibCard

Description: From Hildreth and others (2003): "The K-Ar age of 44+/-12 ka measured for the thick andesitic lava flow that forms the crest of the north ridge (fig. 8 [in original text]) supports our stratigraphic and morphologic inference that West Trident is the youngest of the prehistoric centers in the Trident group."

"For West Trident, which banks against Trident I, a 70-m-thick andesitic lava flow capping the north ridge gave a K-Ar age of 44+/-12 ka. An attempt to date the summit lava of West Trident (fig. 8 [in original text]) failed to yield sufficient radiogenic Ar to provide a meaningful age, supporting our field inference that it is still younger than the dated lava flow."

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