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Table Top Mtn reported activity



Event Name : Table Top Mtn 68000 yBP

Start: 68000 (± 14000 Years) Years BP Ar/Ar

Cone: BibCard
Eruption Type:Explosive

Description: From McConnell and others (1998): "The satellite vents [of Makushin Volcano] produced high-volume, individually homogeneous deposits characteristic of monogenetic eruptions. Individual vents and flows are differentiated by location, petrology, and stratigraphy and occur along a zone parallel to the Aleutian Arc trend. None show evidence of activity into historic times and similar erosional features suggest they were all active after the Pleistocene glaciation receded. Samples from all the satellite eruptive centers were analyzed for 40Ar/39Ar ages. Only the dates from Table Top Mountain and Pukushin Cone are statistically different from zero with ages of 68+/-14 ka and 22+/-5 ka respectively (table 2 [in original text])."

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