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Spurr reported activity





Event Name : Spurr 2015/7

Start:June 2015 Observed
Stop: 2016 Observed

Seismicity with no confirmed eruption: BibCard
Eruption Type:Not an eruption.

Description: From Dixon and others, 2017: "No volcanic activity was reported at Mount Spurr in 2015; the only activity noted was an earthquake swarm 12 km (6.5 mi) north of the summit. First noted in the AVO internal logs in mid-October, earthquakes in this area occurred sporadically for the previous 5 months with the rate increasing from 1-2 per week in July to several per day in October. The swarm peaked in November, with 47 earthquakes during the month. The rate of located earthquakes decreased by one-half in December and the swarm continued into 2016 at a much-reduced level of activity. The earthquakes in this cluster were shallow with 90 percent occurring between 3 and 5 km (1.6 to 2.7 mi) below sea level. The Aviation Color Code and Volcano Alert Level remained at GREEN/NORMAL through the year at Spurr."

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