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Pavlof reported activity





Event Name : Pavlof 1936

Start: 1936 Observed
Stop: 1948 Observed

Lava flow: BibCard BibCard BibCard
Tephrafall: BibCard BibCard BibCard BibCard BibCard BibCard
Tephra plume: BibCard BibCard BibCard
Minor explosive eruption: BibCard BibCard
Eruption Type:Explosive
MaxVEI: 3 BibCard

Description: Various compilers break the time period of 1938-1948 into several different eruptions, or one continuous eruption. Jacob and Hauksson (1983) assert that during this time period Pavlof was in nearly continuous minor explosive eruption, with "significant eruptions in 1936, July 1937, and 1942. Lava flow may have been extruded in May 1948. Otherwise, minor, nearly continuous ash emissions. Photo taken in 1942 shows 1911 fissure no longer present (the wound had been healed), and a single cinder cone on upper NE flank (moat between this cone and summit, but flanks of cinder cone merged with Pavlof proper elsewhere.)"

From Kennedy and Waldron (1955): "Major explosive eruptions occurred in 1936 and early in 1942; during the intervening period the emission of ash-laden steam was almost continuous. Reports by Army and Navy fliers indicate almost continuous discharge of smoke from the crater since 1942. Activity was probably less during the summer of 1946 than at any time during the preceding 4 years."

Coats (1950) reports: 1936 minor explosive eruption, 1937 July minor explosive eruption; 1945 smoke; 1942 major explosive eruption; 1947 smoke; 1948 May lava flow?, minor explosive eruption

From Hantke (1955): "July 1937 multiple big ashfalls over "Half-Island, Alaska", 1947 smoke, May 1948 explosive activity and probably lava flows."

From Hantke (1951): June 6, 1945, weak explosions with steam and ash emissions every minute from small summit crater

Robinson (1948) reported that in 1945 Pavlof was "mildly active, puffs of black ash and steam at ~1min intervals."

Meredith (1998) writes that Pavlof "showered the country with ash" in 1937, and that on September 20, 1946 "Mt. Pavlov blew out spurts of smoke and ash." She reports that she asked "one of the men if he worried about living so close to an active volcano. 'No,' he said, 'we just call him Mount Puff-Puff.'"

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