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Little Sitkin reported activity





Event Name : Little Sitkin 1828

This is a questionable event.

Start: 1828 Observed

"Smoke": BibCard
Lava flow: BibCard
Flank eruption: BibCard
Central eruption: BibCard
Eruption Type:Effusive
Duration: 2 years BibCard

Description: Grewingk (1850, translated 2003 by Fritz Jaensch): "1828, Little Sitkin, Akun, Akutan, Tanakh-Angunakh, Atka, Koniushi, Gareloi, and Unimak (Shishaldin) smoking."

Dall (1870), summarizing Grewingk: "Little Sitkin, Akhun, Akutan, Tanak-Angunakh, Atka, Koniushi, Goreloi, and Shishaldin smoked. The disturbances continued for two years." Dall (1870) reads as if the smoking on all of these islands continued for two years, but Grewingk (1850, translated 2003 by Fritz Jaensch) is more clear -- the next entry, for 1829 reads "On Unimak, Shishaldin smokes until fall of 1830." Presumably, the other volcanoes listed were only smoking during 1828.

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