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Kanaga reported activity





Event Name : Kanaga 1790

Start: 1790 Observed

Fumarolic or hydrothermal activity: BibCard BibCard BibCard
Eruption Type:Not an eruption.

Description: From Grewingk (1850, translated 2003 by Fritz Jaensch): "1790 and 1791, smoke rising from the hot springs at the base of a once-active volcano (Sauer, Sarychev)." Coats (1950): 1790, Kanaga was "active; type of activity unspecified." Sauer, June 17, 1791: "We made the island of Kanaga seven miles distant from that of Tanaga, and saw the smoke ascending from the hot spring at the base of an extinguished volcano on the island of Kanaga, off which at 12 miles we also observed the small island called Bobrovoi, from the number of sea-otters that formerly held their resting-place upon it."

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