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Cleveland reported activity





Event Name : Cleveland 2006/2

Start:February 6, 2006 Observed
Stop:February 6, 2006 Observed

Tephra plume: BibCard BibCard BibCard
Minor explosive eruption: BibCard
Eruption Type:Explosive
ColHeight: 6700 m BibCard
MaxVEI: 3 BibCard

Description: From Neal and others (2009): "The first known explosive eruption [at Cleveland Volcano] in 2006 occurred on February 6, and was detected in routine Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) satellite image analysis by anomaliesAVO staff. Satellite-derived temperatures indicated an initial cloud height of about 6-8 km (22,000-26,000 ft). The eruption appeared to be short lived and had ceased several hours before detection on satellite imagery, but AVO raised the Level of Concern Color Code to RED and NWS issued a SIGMET. The cloud was tracked for more than 400 km (250 mi) southeast of the volcano before it largely dissipated in satellite images. By day's end, with no further reports or images of ash production at Cleveland, AVO downgraded the Color Code to ORANGE. For the duration of condition RED, the FAA imposed a temporary flight restriction (TFR) from the surface to 50,000 ft within a 5 nautical mile radius of the volcano.

"AVO downgraded Cleveland to Color Code YELLOW 5 days later on February 11. Cloud cover persisted during most of this interval, and AVO's information release on February 11 noted that undetected, low-level unrest could continue. No further indication of activity led AVO to further downgrade Cleveland to a Color Code of 'Not Assigned' on February 20. (AVO policy is that a volcano lacking seismic instrumentation cannot be known to be at background, and hence cannot be assigned a Color Code GREEN)."

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