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Atka volcanic complex reported activity





Event Name : Korovin 1953/6

This is a questionable event.

Start:June 1953 ± 2 MonthsObserved
Stop:July 1954 ± 1 MonthsObserved

Tephrafall: BibCard
Steam: BibCard
Eruption Type:Explosive
Duration: Approximately 1 year BibCard

Description: The following observations of Korovin are compiled from individual observation sheets filled out by members of the public and U.S. military.

19 June 1953: "Steam, slightly darker than low lying fog was spilling over northwestern lip - wind prevented formation of column. Snow on eastern face appeared to have been darkened by cinders of soot to almost black. It was not bare rock showing. It was a darkened snow coverage." -- observed by USCG ship Pioneer

25 June 1953: "All snow covering mountain darkened by thin coating ash in sharp contrast with brilliantly shining snow on hills to south; steam seen emitted from fumarole on N crater rim to about 100 feet; no steam being emitted from crater proper (or at least that portion visible from plane). -- R R McDonald

13 February 1954: "White smoke rising to height of approximately 50 feet. No lava flow visible." -- J.:. Thurman, LCDR, USNR

18 March 1954: "Steaming good." -- Report of Reeve's Aleutian Airways pilot

25 March 1954: "Column of steam rising 100 to 150 feet above peak, no dispersal evident. Closer view showed no signs of activity in form of smoke or fire." -- John Mays, Lt, USNR

5 April 1954: "Steam and smoke rising one thousand feet from floor of crater on NE corner. No lava or fire visible." -- E.L Burdick

14 May 1954: "Steam with strong sulfur odors rising from northern edge inside the crater, about 300' down from the rim. Rises about 1000'." -- R.L. Kopps

15 June 1954: "Some steam from center of volcano - 100-200 ft. high before dissipating." -- D.C. Curran Lt.

17 June 1954: "No apparent activity." -- C.R. Pendell LTJG

15 July 1954: "Faint vapor fresh snow (on cone dirtied by this showering of ash)" -- Austin E. Jones

14 September 1954: "No smoke or other visible signs of activity." -- E.D. Jezek

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