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Aniakchak reported activity





      The ash fallout from the eruption caused loss of birds and heavy loss of reindeer and caribou . According to Henning and others (1976): "That particular time of the year was reindeer fawning time, and back of the Nushagak on the tundra where the deer are born, the ashes fell so thick as to cover all moss. The adult deer moved in search of food and left the fawns to die. The moss which these deer finally did find was so coated with ashes and grit as to grind their teeth to the gums. Dead geese, ducks, swans and other birds floated down the rivers of the Alaska Peninsula. The cause of their death was found to be swallowing of ash."

Ash covered the moss and adult reindeer left fawns in search of food. Their teeth were ground to the gums from ash on the vegetation. Ducks, geese, swans, and other birds were killed by ingestion of ash.

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