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Sample ID:05JRSCH026
Station ID:05JRSCH026
Date Sampled:2005-08-25
Sample Type 1:Lava
Sample Type 2:Flow
Field Lithology:Andesite
Final Unit:Pl
Text Description:
sampled collected ~6m below top of bench in cliff. Top of sequence of cliff-forming large package of older lavas.

Geologic map of Mount Chiginagak volcano, Alaska

StationIDLatitudeLongitudeGeologistDateVisitedAge InfoVolcanoEruptionLocation DescriptionText DescriptionSample IDSample Type 1Sample Type 2Final UnitMaterialSiO2TiO2Al2O3FeOTMnOMgOCaONa2OK2OP2O5Total-majorsREF majorsMETH majorsFe2O3/Fe203T origFeO/FeOT origVolatiles csvMETH volatilesCsRbBaSrLaCePrNdSmEuGdTbDyHoErTmYbLuYZrNbHfTaPbThUScVCrFeCoNiCuZnGaMoAsNaKRef trace1METH trace1RbBaSrLaCeNdSmEuGdDyErYbLuYZrNbPbThUScTiVCrNiCuZnGaRef trace2METH trace2Light csvHalogen csvother major csvother lile csvother ree csvother hfse csvother hpe csvother tm csvother misc csv
05JRSCH02657.12626-157.06441Schaefer, J. R. G.2005-08-25 5000 ± 16000 40Ar/39Ar; plateau age. Recorded in table as -5kaChiginagakwest side old lava bench above Indecision Creek headwaters.sampled collected ~6m below top of bench in cliff. Top of sequence of cliff-forming large package of older lavas.05JRSCH026LavaPlWhole-rock 57.62342726 0.885452664 17.86720775 7.027820942 0.154137247 3.992651582 8.024804215 3.121083894 1.143917565 0.159506905 99.8201313271XRF7.027820942 0.510565353 24.02159877 412.1538218 344.2398633 12.74496651 27.76179393 3.72295703 15.93483833 4.013546804 1.246834049 4.226790407 0.707775458 4.471121072 0.935167544 2.611974422 0.375012252 2.409092519 0.387907028 24.01259754 106.1780206 5.708867175 2.968886824 0.384995998 3.905321373 2.452831562 0.889576372 23.64627329 214.2 37.1 18 26.5 76.4 18.1 13271ICPMS: Cs, Rb, Ba, Sr, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, Y, Zr, Nb, Hf, Ta, Pb, Th, U, Sc; XRF: V, Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga;


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