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Sample ID:05SMMC046a
Station ID:05SMMC046
Date Sampled:2005-09-26
Sample Type 1:Tephra Fall
Sample Type 2:Pumice
Field Lithology:Dacite
Final Unit:Tephra fall
Text Description:
35 cm thick creamy orange pumice lapilli fall, pumices have oxidized interiors, pumice to 18 cm, average 4 cm

Postglacial eruptive history and geochemistry of Semisopochnoi volcano, western Aleutian Islands, Alaska

StationIDLatitudeLongitudeGeologistDateVisitedAge InfoVolcanoEruptionLocation DescriptionText DescriptionSample IDSample Type 1Sample Type 2Final UnitMaterialSiO2TiO2Al2O3FeOTMnOMgOCaONa2OK2OP2O5Total-majorsREF majorsMETH majorsFe2O3/Fe203T origFeO/FeOT origVolatiles csvMETH volatilesCsRbBaSrLaCePrNdSmEuGdTbDyHoErTmYbLuYZrNbHfTaPbThUScVCrFeCoNiCuZnGaMoAsNaKRef trace1METH trace1RbBaSrLaCeNdSmEuGdDyErYbLuYZrNbPbThUScTiVCrNiCuZnGaRef trace2METH trace2Light csvHalogen csvother major csvother lile csvother ree csvother hfse csvother hpe csvother tm csvother misc csv
05SMMC04651.95244179.55246Coombs, M. L.2005-09-26 Semisopochnoisection NW of three quarter cone35 cm thick creamy orange pumice lapilli fall, pumices have oxidized interiors, pumice to 18 cm, average 4 cm05SMMC046aTephra FallCumulateTephra fallWhole-rock 63.06857426 0.848468784 16.8161547 5.756940441 0.192000633 1.500515935 3.851044976 4.800359009 2.777246461 0.388684701 97.5865011513321XRF5.756940441 3.839486289 65.96519436 779.5318084 280.9713394 19.65225266 47.27872825 6.539805591 29.22072594 7.520706973 1.679052045 7.231366236 1.181956949 7.521643031 1.582240627 4.419096272 0.651546324 4.161630522 0.683379585 39.99470581 224.2251171 5.381649087 6.08068545 0.548988677 14.05025444 5.93327965 2.761928512 17.14091016 68.359 2.6595 0.8865 23.246 90.9155 18.715 13321ICPMS: Cs, Rb, Ba, Sr, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, Y, Zr, Nb, Hf, Ta, Pb, Th, U, Sc; XRF: V, Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga;


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