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Sample ID:FC-96
Station ID:FC-96
Date Sampled:2000-07-17
Sample Type 1:Lava
Sample Type 2:Flow
Text Description:
Lava here is glassy, sparsely phyric, massive. Not many cinders here, mostly blocky lava. Lots of this seen as float and large blocks (up to 1 m^3) in wall slope above. There appears to be a lineament of small plugs or cones here, the one we're on is the largest and most NW. Lineament is ~ N30oE. There may be a small lava flow from this cone, but it is being covered over by sediments if there is one. Jim has suggested several possibilities for the pumice in the slopewash: 1) Fisher airfall; 2) T-vent airfall; 3) explosive phase of cinder cone. Black, sparsely phyric, angular hard lava. Much flow banding on weathered surface

Volcanism on Unimak Island, Alaska, USA: a special focus on Shishaldin and Fisher volcanoes


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