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citation imageWestgate, J. A., Preece, S. J., and Pewe, T. L., 2003, The Dawson Cut Forest Bed in the Fairbanks area, Alaska, is about two million years old: in Westgate, J. A., (ed.), Special issue dedicated to Troy Pewe, Quaternary Research, v. 60, n. 1, p. 2-8.

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4261: Composition of glass shards in tephra beds in the Dawson Cut Forest Bed and Gold Hill Loess, Fairbanks, Alaska
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* Notes. Glass analyses (wt. %) for UA351, UT497, UT1280, UT1281 were done in a single run using a Cameca SX-50 wave-length dispersive electron microprobe. Operating conditions were 15 keV accelerating voltage, 10–15 micron beam diameter, and 6 nA beam current. Other glass analyses * (UT497, UA355, UA352, UA353, UA360) determined on an ETEC Autoprobe fitted with an Ortec Si(Li) detector. Microprobe operated at 20 keV with a beam current set to give 3000 counts per second on willemite; sample current about 0.23 nA, counting time 100 s. Data reduction by modified version of PESTRIPS. MgO and MnO values assumed from Cameca analyses; unnormalized values added to unnormalized ETEC data and then analyses normalized. All analyses recast to 100% on a water-free basis; mean and one standard deviation (in brackets) given. FeOt = total iron oxide as FeO; H2Od = water, by difference; n = number of analyses. Accuracy of analyses monitored against glass standard UA5831. Individual analyses are given in Table S1, which is available as supplementary data on IDEAL website. *

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