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citation imageCoats, R. R., 1953, Geology of Buldir Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 0989-A, 26 p.
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DATA TABLES *Not all tables in a publication may be listed. Not all tables from a publication have data entered in the database.
148: Flora of Buldir Island
* 1 Collection, identified by Dr. E. H. Walker, of the U.S. National Museum, except as noted. 2 Identified by the writer in the field 3 Identified by Mr. C. V. Morton, of the U.S. National Museum. 4 Identified by Dr. C. R. Ball, of the U. S. National Museum. *
149: Some plant species from nearby Aleutian Islands, not found on Buldir Island
* 1 Hulten (1937, p.220) reports identifying this species on Buldir through field glasses. 2 Found on Shemya, according to G. B. Van Schaak (personal communication, 1948). *
150: Chemical composition and parameters of volcanic-rock specimens from Buldir Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska
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* A. Chemical analysis from major constituents [A. C. Vlisidis, analyst; flame-photometer analyses of alkalis by W. . Brannock] B. Spectrochemical analyses for major constituents [K. J. Murata, analyst] C. CIPW Norms. [See von Phillipsborn, 1933, for tables used in calculations] D. Niggli Values ¹Elements looked for, but not found: La, B, Pb, Be, Ag, Pt, Pd, Bi, As, Sb, Tl, Mo, Zn, Cd, Ge, In. ²See Niggli, 1923, pp. 60-62 ³See Burri and Niggli, 1945, pp. 31-32. *

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