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citation imageKienle, Juergen, Kyle, P. R., Self, Stephen, Motyka, R. J., and Lorenz, Volker, 1980, Ukinrek Maars, Alaska: I, April 1977 eruption sequence, petrology and tectonic setting: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, v. 7, n. 1, p. 11-37.

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95: 20th century maar-forming eruptions

96: Ukinrek Maars eruption chronology, 30 March - 10 April 1977

97: Major element analyses of basalt erupted from Ukinrek Maars and comparative analyses
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* *Analyzed by E.H. Brown, Western Washington State College. **Total Fe as FeO, Fe2O3 = 2.50 for norm calculation. D.I. = differentiation index (Thornton and Tuttle, 1960); Plag. = normative plagioclase, An x 100 /(An + Ab); Mg No. = Mg x 100/(Mg + Fe2+). *
98: Representative electron microprobe analyses (wt.%) of mineral phases in Ukinrek ejecta
* *FeO = total Fe as FeO. **Usp = calculated using method of Carmichael (1967). 1 = phenocryst core; 2 = groundmass phase; 3A = microphenocryst, as analysed; 3B = charge balance determination of Fe2O3 and FeO, Wo, En, Fs from recalculated end-members; 4 = inclusion in olivine phenocryst; 5 = microphenocryst. Analyses made on an automated four-spectrometer ARL-EMX-SM electron probe at State University of New York, Stony Brook. Data was reduced using the Bence and Albee (1968) procedure. *
99: Rare earth and other trace element abundances (ppm) in Ukinrek ejecta (sample JRC10b)
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* *Determined by instrumental neutron activation analysis at the Ohio State University. **Determined by spark source mass spectrometry using techniques given by Kyle and Rankin (1976). Other trace elements determined by X-ray fluorescence analysis. *

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