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citation imageMarsh, B. D., and Leitz, R. E., 1979, Geology of Amak Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska: Journal of Geology, v. 87, n. 6, p. 715-723.

DATA TABLES *Not all tables in a publication may be listed. Not all tables from a publication have data entered in the database.
84: 1a. Amak volcanic center (oldest to youngest) 1b. Cold Bay volcanic center (oldest to youngest)
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* Note for 1a: *Mostly xenolithic. Analysts: a = A. Ewart (XRF), b = 0. Von Knorring (Wet), c = U.S. Geological Survey (Rapid Rock), other tables contain same designations. Note for 1b: *in xenolith. For Amak samples see Figure 1; for CB-7 and CB-12 see Marsh (1976); CB-3, upper unit of Mt. Simeon, 6 km west of town of Cold Bay; CB-5, basal unit of Mt. Simeon, ; CB-20, 2 km west of Frosty Peak, in Frosty Peak volcanics at 3,000 feet ele. (see geologic map of Waldron, 1961). *
85: 2a. Bogoslof volcanic center. 2b. Trace elements (ppm)
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86: 3a. Major element averages. 3b. Trace element averages (ppm)
* Note for 3a: Cross indicates the number of analyses used in each average. *The two rhyolites were not included. In this reports the P2O5 content for analysis no. 8 appears incorrect (2.40%) and I have assumed it instead to be 0.24. *

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