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citation imageJohnson, K. E., Strong, D. F., Harmon, R. S., Richardson, J. M., and Moorbath, S., 1996, Isotope and trace element geochemistry of Augustine volcano, Alaska: implications for magmatic evolution: Journal of Petrology, v. 37, n. 1, p. 95-115.

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34: Representative phenocryst analyses for the Augustine volcanics
* Data from Johnson (1986) *
35: Major and trace element data for Augustine volcanics
View table data :: Download table data (.csv)
* Data determined by XRF at Memorial University. *All FeO, crossH2O determined by hydrogen isotope extraction line according to Holdaway et al. (1986). Samples collected by D.A. Johnston 1976-1978. *
36: Major element data for Augustine domes and lava flows
View table data :: Download table data (.csv)
* Data determined by x-ray fluorescence at Memorial University except as noted. Cross indicates data from Daley (1986). Double cross indicates data courtesy of G. Fitton, University of Edinburgh. H2O determined according to Holdaway et al. (1986), except § by LOI. *
37: Trace element data for Augustine lavas
View table data :: Download table data (.csv)
* Major element data from Daley (1986) and Johnston (1986). Trace element analyses determined by ICP-MS at the Ontario Geological Survey (Canada), except (*) Ba and all data from 84AU-112 and 84AU-28D, which were determined by INAA by S.M. Kay (Cornell University). *
38: Radiogenic and oxygen isotope data for Augustine Volcano
* Data determined at Gottingen. Cross indicates stratigraphic relations unknown. Samples other than the 84- and 86- series are from the US Geological Survey collection of D.A> Johnston. Major and trace element data for these samples have been discussed by Johnston (1978). 1986 Dome lava samples from C. Nye. *
39: Be and B data for Augustine volcanic rocks
* *Boron analytical details given by Leeman (1988), with uncertainties of 10%. Cross indicates Be analytical details given by Morris & Tera (1985) with uncertainties for 10Be of +/- 30%. (See analytical methods in Appendix for discussion.) *
40: Summary of Augustine geochemical data compared with other Aleutian suites
* Augustine data (this study); Redoubt (Nye et al., 1994); Mt Spurr (Nye & Turner, 1990); Katmai [Hildreth (1983); except eNd from von Drach et al. (1986)]; Okmok (Nye & Reid, 1986); Akutan (Romick et al., 1990); Seguam (Singer et al., 1992); Atka (Myers et al., 1986b; von Drach et al., 1986); Adak (Kay et al., 1978); Semisopochnoi (SEMIS) (DeLong et al., 1985); sediments [Kodiak and Sanak argillites and greywackes, trace elements from Hill et al. (1981); Gulf of Alaska sediments, Sr-isotopes and eNd from von Drach et al. (1986); Pb-isotopes from Kay et al. (1978)]; Talkeetna Terrane crust elemental data from Barker (1994) and isotopic data from Arth (1994). *
41: Modelling parameters
* Talkeetna compositions estimated from von Drach et al. (1986), Arth (1994) and Barker (1994). Parental magma OK-ID1 from Nye & Reid (1986). Distribution coefficients from Smith & Leeman (1993). Percent crystallization values used to calculate the weighted distribution coefficients are from Daley (1986). *

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