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citation imageWestgate, J.A., Preece, S.J., Froese, D.G., Walter, R.C., Sandhu, A.S., and Schweger, C.E., 2001, Dating Early and Middle (Reid) Pleistocene glaciations in central Yukon by tephrochronology: Quaternary Research, v. 56, n. 3, p. 335-348, doi: 10.1006/qres.2001. 2274 .

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3651: Major Element Composition of Glass Shards of Fort Selkirk, Mosquito Gulch, Midnight Dome, and Sheep Creek Tephra Beds
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* Note. Analyses in weight percent, anhydrous. UT81 and UT82 were done on an ETEC Autoprobe fitted with an Ortec Si(Li) detector and operated at 20 keV with a beam current set to give 3000 counts/s on willemite (~90 nA); sample current ~150 pA; counting time 100 s; beam diameter ~1 micron. Data reduction by a modified version of PESTRIPS. Other samples done on a Cameca SX-50 wavelength dispersive microprobe operating at 15-keV accelerating voltage, 10–15 micron beam diameter, and 6-nA beam current. Standardization achieved by use of mineral and glass standards. +/- # = standard deviation; n = number of analyses; nd = not detected; FeOt = total iron oxide as FeO; H2Od = water by difference; Y.T. = Yukon Territory. Average composition based on nonzero values. Sheep Creek tephra average values based on UT104, UT1058, UT1060, UT1064, UT1065, UT1460, UT1461, and UT1462 (Preece et al., 2000). Midnight Dome tephra average values based on UT1495, UT1552, and UT1633, all from the Midnight dome Terrace site (Fig. 1). UT81 and UT82 from Fort Selkirk, Y.T. (Figs. 1, 3); UT19 from Bonanza Creek, Y.T. (Fig. 1); UT1592 from Midnight Dome terrace, Y.T. (Fig. 1); UT1104 from Fairbanks, Alaska (Fig. 2); and UT1051 and UT1052 from Ash Bend, Y.T. (Fig. 1). See supplementary data for individual analyses (Table D1). *

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