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AVO Webicorders - Korovin

AVO uses several different types of data to monitor volcanoes for signs of unrest or eruptive activity. The data displayed here have not been reviewed in any way, and are preliminary unless reviewed by an AVO geoscientist.
Available webicorders
UTC Conversion
0000 UTC= 4:00 PM AKDT on the previous day as UTC
0600 UTC = 10:00 PM AKDT on the previous day as UTC
1200 UTC= 4:00 AM AKDT on the same day as UTC
1800 UTC = 10:00 AM AKDT on the same day as UTC
Red Lines
RED LINES indicate either a calibration pulse, or where the signal was clipped (too large to be recorded on the scale of the webicorder).
Korovin 24 hour webicorder
(Station: KOWE_EHZ_AV)

Seismic station KOWE is 7 km (4 miles) from the summit of Korovin Volcano.
 24 hour webicorder
URL: avo.alaska.edu/webicorders/Korovin/index.php
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