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Cleveland webcam
This camera is not functioning at this time.
clear day image
Clear day image

Video: last 12 hours

NOTE: As of late December 2013, this camera will require a site visit to re-position the housing.

This camera is located on top of High Hill a few miles North of the village of Nikolski on the western end of Umnak Island. Mount Cleveland is approximately 45 miles from the camera. The summit of Mt. Cleveland is located at the center of the image. Mount Carlisle can be seen on the right edge of the image. Due to the typically bad weather in this area of the state, Mt. Cleveland and Mt. Carlisle won't be visible very often.

Approximate sunrise/sunset times at the Cleveland webcam:
Saturday April, 19, 2014:
Sunrise: 08:08 AKDT
Sunset: 22:19 AKDT

URL: avo.alaska.edu/webcam/Cleveland.php
Page modified: April 19, 2014 02:40
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