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Ugashik-Peulik reported activity

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Reported Activity
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1814-00-00Peulik: 1814 From Kisslinger (1983), translating Doroshin (1870): "At the time of the Russian advent to these parts it emitted flame. Around 1814 its summit collapsed with a rumble, covering the base with enormous boulders. For about a week after this event, vapor rose from almost the entire surface of the mountain." Miller (2004) qualifies this report, stating: "Because Mount Peulik is separated from other prominent active volcanic edifices in the region [see fig. 1 in original text], these reports [of ... More informationasterisk_yellow.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Ugashik-Peulik&eruptionid=403&page=basic
1852-00-00Peulik: 1852 From Kisslinger (1983), translating Doroshin (1870): "In the summer of 1852, I proceeded from here on a southwesterly course along the eastern coast of the Alaskan Peninsula. At approximately 57 degrees 31 minutes latitude, 155 degrees 55 minutes longitude, I saw rising from behind a mountain the crater of Mt. Peulik. * * * I saw only smoke, coming from the south side of the crater. There are petroleum sources nearby. When portaging from Lake Iz'iagyk to the lake from which the Ugashik River ... More informationasterisk_yellow.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Ugashik-Peulik&eruptionid=404&page=basic
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1814 - Peulik
1852 - Peulik
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