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Fourpeaked reported activity

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Reported Activity
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1965-07-00Fourpeaked: 1965 In October, 2006, Oliver Holm of Kodiak, AK, phoned the Anchorage Alaska Volcano Observatory office to report seeing a steam and gas plume at or near the summit of Fourpeaked in 1965. Mr. Holm stated that during July or August of 1965 he was setnetting in Chief Cove, at the northern side of Uyak Bay. One day he went up Shelikof Strait, and as they passed Cape Ugat (on the western side of Kodiak Island, he could see a steam plume coming from at or near the summit of Fourpeaked. Mr. Holm reports ... More informationinformation.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Fourpeaked&eruptionid=556&page=basic
2006-9-172006-9-17Fourpeaked: 2006 On Sunday, September 17, AVO was notified of two distinct plumes rising from the vicinity of Fourpeaked and Douglas. The plumes originated from Fourpeaked Mountain, and represent phreatic explosions at the volcano, followed by new fumarolic activity. Estimates from photographs and NEXRAD radar indicate the plumes reached approximatly 20,000 ft asl (6000 m). AVO raised the level of concern color code from unassigned to YELLOW on Wednesday, September 20, 2006. Due to waning fumarolic activity ... More informationexclamation.pngye50http://www.avo.alaska.edu/volcanoes/activity.php?volcname=Fourpeaked&eruptionid=555&page=basic
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